Lego 9397 Snow Plough and Tipper Truck

The Lego 9397 has a set of alternative instructions on-line at the Lego website for a Snow Plough and Tipper Truck.   This took me a good four hours to assemble and probably contains over 1200 Lego elements.

The design incorporates a 4 selection gearbox that powers the opening and closing of the cab, the raising and lowering of the snow plough and the rear tipper and also the rear wheels that can be raised and lowered to turn the truck into a 4 or 6 wheel vehicle.

The front snow plough can be rotated to tilt to the left or right via a worm gear assembly; it is a little bit wobbly but is a fairly sturdy design.

Construction of this truck was a little more enjoyable than the default logging lorry design, my only complaint is that the instructions for this second model could have come with the kit rather than having to download it as a PDF.

Tipping in action

The underside, showing gearbox and differential gears

Powered opening and closing of the cab to reveal the engine

Rear wheels can be raised and lowered by the gearbox

A rather realistic looking vehicle