Lego Queen Mary 2

Here's a neat video of the construction of a 7 meter long model of the Queen Mary 2. That's a lot of Lego elements to make it!

Lego 722 Bus Reworked

I found an old 1981 Lego brochure which contained an image of the Lego 722 Advanced Basic Set with an example of a model bus.

This inspired me to try an old school Lego bus based very loosely on the 722 concept with the constraints of not using any really modern fancy brick elements. I call it a homage to 1980's Lego:

I conclude that trying to make models using brick elements from 30 years ago is challenging because of the constraint on styling - everything looks so chunky and blocky. However, it can be also quite pleasing to try and re-create that Lego feel of my childhood.

Lego Santa Claus, Reindeer and Sleigh

Here's a nifty Santa Claus, reindeer and sleigh made from Lego I found on YouTube. The Sleigh contains a power unit that powers the reindeer via a power transmission axle. The legs of the reindeer are motorized via a worm screw. Most ingenious and compact engineering.

Stilzkin Bridge Launcher

While looking for some fun lego projects I came across this superbly engineered Lego Stilzkin Bridge Launcher on YouTube.

Look carefully, you can see it relies on pure mechanical mechanisms to open and close the bridge instead of using more convenient pneumatics. Most excellently engineered!

Lego 7938 Passenger Train

Last year I blogged about the fact I could not get hold of the Lego 7898 Cargo Train for my kids, only to find it had gone out of production. However, we managed to acquire a Lego 7939 Cargo Train in June which in fact was just as good.

For my son's Birthday and Christmas present this year I've acquire the Lego 7938 Passenger Train so that he can have even more Lego train fun. He can't wait, just a couple more weeks to go. Once he's built it I will upload some pictures in the blog.

All we need now is to get some more switches to join the two train track loops together.

Reminds me of when I had a Lego train set years ago when I was lad - one was able to get hold of a X intersection - wish they could make these for the new Lego tracks...

Lego Creator 5865

My daughter spent some of her pocket money on the Lego Creator 5865 a few weeks ago and quickly assembled the truck from the kit. The kit comes with plans for three models and with some creative talent one can build different designs, but the quantity of bricks is a little limiting.

As Lego kits go, it's got a lot of small fiddly bricks that can easily get lost, so I'm glad the kit comes in a plastic box that can be easily re-sealed to keep the bricks secure.