Lego 7939 Cargo Train + 7896 Rails

Well, the Lego 7939 Cargo Train and 7896 Straight and Curved Rails Supplementary Sets arrived last week and Hannah and David has a fun few hours assembling it all.

The Cargo Train features nearly 1000 pieces of Lego to make a smart yellow locomotive, a tanker, a flat bed car loader and a cargo carrier as well as a lorry to transport the cargo and a gantry crane.

The locomotive is remote controlled and sports 7 speeds in forward and reverse and when the batteries are new it goes so fast it falls off on the curves at the top speed!

The stickers were a little bit fiddly for the kids, so that was a job for me to do. All in all the 7939 makes an excellent kit but it was more fun once we got the 7896 straight and curves supplementary set.

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