Lego Queen Mary 2

Here's a neat video of the construction of a 7 meter long model of the Queen Mary 2. That's a lot of Lego elements to make it!

Lego 722 Bus Reworked

I found an old 1981 Lego brochure which contained an image of the Lego 722 Advanced Basic Set with an example of a model bus.

This inspired me to try an old school Lego bus based very loosely on the 722 concept with the constraints of not using any really modern fancy brick elements. I call it a homage to 1980's Lego:

I conclude that trying to make models using brick elements from 30 years ago is challenging because of the constraint on styling - everything looks so chunky and blocky. However, it can be also quite pleasing to try and re-create that Lego feel of my childhood.

Lego Santa Claus, Reindeer and Sleigh

Here's a nifty Santa Claus, reindeer and sleigh made from Lego I found on YouTube. The Sleigh contains a power unit that powers the reindeer via a power transmission axle. The legs of the reindeer are motorized via a worm screw. Most ingenious and compact engineering.

Stilzkin Bridge Launcher

While looking for some fun lego projects I came across this superbly engineered Lego Stilzkin Bridge Launcher on YouTube.

Look carefully, you can see it relies on pure mechanical mechanisms to open and close the bridge instead of using more convenient pneumatics. Most excellently engineered!

Lego 7938 Passenger Train

Last year I blogged about the fact I could not get hold of the Lego 7898 Cargo Train for my kids, only to find it had gone out of production. However, we managed to acquire a Lego 7939 Cargo Train in June which in fact was just as good.

For my son's Birthday and Christmas present this year I've acquire the Lego 7938 Passenger Train so that he can have even more Lego train fun. He can't wait, just a couple more weeks to go. Once he's built it I will upload some pictures in the blog.

All we need now is to get some more switches to join the two train track loops together.

Reminds me of when I had a Lego train set years ago when I was lad - one was able to get hold of a X intersection - wish they could make these for the new Lego tracks...

Lego Creator 5865

My daughter spent some of her pocket money on the Lego Creator 5865 a few weeks ago and quickly assembled the truck from the kit. The kit comes with plans for three models and with some creative talent one can build different designs, but the quantity of bricks is a little limiting.

As Lego kits go, it's got a lot of small fiddly bricks that can easily get lost, so I'm glad the kit comes in a plastic box that can be easily re-sealed to keep the bricks secure.

Lego 3177 Small Car

My son acquired the Lego 3177 Small Car today from our local superstore and in less than 20 minutes put it together with no trouble at all.

He liked it as it complements the small cars in the Lego 7939 Train Set. The minifig comes with a small briefcase which is a fun little detail but also far too easy to loose!

Here are some photos of the completed model.


Below is a recently uploaded video of a MakerBot made out of Lego which can assemble Lego models from a software description.

A full description of the model can be found at
The current design works with 1x2, 2x2, 3x2, 4x2, and 8x2 stud Lego elements. Sweet.

Lego Truck, Version 3

A while ago I created a Lego truck that contained a surprise cargo. Well, I thought I'd have another attempt at this, but make it a longer vehicle. Here is my 3rd attempt:

Ogre, a Lego Tank

Here is a neat video of Ogre, a Lego Tank that I found on YouTube. It can be controlled remotely or can work autonomously.

Fantastic invention.

Lego 7939 Cargo Train + 7896 Rails

Well, the Lego 7939 Cargo Train and 7896 Straight and Curved Rails Supplementary Sets arrived last week and Hannah and David has a fun few hours assembling it all.

The Cargo Train features nearly 1000 pieces of Lego to make a smart yellow locomotive, a tanker, a flat bed car loader and a cargo carrier as well as a lorry to transport the cargo and a gantry crane.

The locomotive is remote controlled and sports 7 speeds in forward and reverse and when the batteries are new it goes so fast it falls off on the curves at the top speed!

The stickers were a little bit fiddly for the kids, so that was a job for me to do. All in all the 7939 makes an excellent kit but it was more fun once we got the 7896 straight and curves supplementary set.

ARM powered Lego 4x4x4 cube solving robot

Here is a nifty Rubik's 4x4x4 cube solving robot made of Lego. Well worth looking at

Lego 7939

I've been waiting for Lego to bring out a suitable train set for the kids and so I was delighted to see that the Lego City 7939 Cargo train set was released on the 1st of June 2010. So much so, I ordered it on-line and hopefully it will arrive by the Weekend.
Watch this space.

Lego Felt-tipped Pen Printer

Here is a neat printer made out of Lego and a felt-tipped pen. Enjoy!

Well, this is quite astounding, here is some YouTube footage of the record breaking CubeStormer Rubik's Cube Solving machine made entirely of Lego elements. It's very fast with ~10 second solutions and faster too! An amazing piece of Lego engineering!

Where are the Lego Train Sets?

It appears that Lego is currently not making many Lego train sets at the moment. I'm not holding my breath either, as I doubt any new kits are coming out in the next new months. Lego is pushing new kits such as the Atlantis and Toy Story themed kits to the detriment of the more traditional train sets.

It's a shame, since all the trains seem to sell out over Christmas, which definitely indicates a demand that out stripped supply.

Let's hope some new kits are being designed and manufactured for the latter half of 2010... watch this space.

Lego Tech - Reported on BBC News Website

The BBC is running an article today on building large Lego models.  Nice piece of footage of the Forth Railway Bridge and St Pancras Station.  Worth watching if you have a spare 4 minutes.

Lego 851 Tractor

My first Technical Lego kit I ever got my hands on as an 8 year old was the 851 tractor. I can still recall looking at it in the Toy shop window and really wanting it for Christmas. I've still got the kit, box, instructions and all the parts.

It features real working rack-and-pinion steering through a universal joint and power transmission to tools. The tools can be attached to the rear of the tractor and raised/lowered via a lever on the right of side of steering wheel. A true classic Technical Lego model.

Scans of the plans for the 851 can be found at

Here's some Lego leaflet blurb dating back 33 years ago about the 851 tractor:

For old time's sake, I've assembled it and stop-frame animated the assembly in the video below:

And here's the default tool being assembled:

Scans of Lego Instruction Manuals

If you want instructions on how to build Lego models the why not check out Peeron
This website has a huge rage of manuals going back manual years and it seems that reproduction of the manuals has been given permission by the Lego group so it looks like it's fully legitimate.

So, why not download the manual to your favourite classic kit and get building!

Lego 4954 Model Town House - from TubaFrog

Here's a neat animation I found on YouTube courtesy of TubaFrog of the Lego 4954 Town House being assembled.  It's quite a large kit, containing 1174 pieces.

Lego 5891 Apple Tree House Part 3 - Summer House

Hannah completed the 3rd and final house in the Lego 8591 house kit, this time it was the turn of the Summer House.  This was somewhat smaller than the previous two houses but was a little more challenging with the hinged roof feature that allows one to access the inside of the house.  The hinged arrangement was a little weak until the final roof bricks were in place and this caused a little bit of frustration to Hannah.

Inside, the house sports a little fireplace and open hearth, which is a fine little detail.  Outside, the garden contains a sun-bed a small drinks table and an outside heater for those Autumn nights.  Here are some photos of the assembled house:

Well, that's all three houses now assembled. My hope is that Hannah will get creating and make some new houses using her own designs.

Lego 5891 Apple Tree House Part 2 - Town House

Well, it took Hannah a couple of hours to build the second model in the 5891 kit - this time she built the town house.  This model sports a small garden containing a bird bath/water fountain, a garden table and chairs and also a working see-saw for the Lego children.

The roof and 2nd floor can be easily removed to gain access to the rooms in the houses.  Outside the house are two small bushes and a small lamp-stand.  There are plenty of small details to keep this house looking smart and realistic.

Not bad at all!  Here are some photos:

Lego 5891 Apple Tree House

Hannah recently acquired a Lego Creator 581 Apple Tree House 5891 kit. The kit comes with 3 different house plans: a modern family house, a tall town house and summer house. This posting covers the modern family house which features an opening garage door, a letter box with letters, a removable roof section for easy play access to the house interior and a ladder to the attic. The garden comes with a lawn mower, outside water tap and a basket ball net and an apple tree. The kit comes with 539 pieces so it's fairly good value for money!

Hannah added in some mini-figures for the following photos as the kit does not come with any (which is the only downside to the kit):

I hope to add some more photos of the alternative model houses once Hannah has got around to making them :-)