Lego 5891 Apple Tree House Part 3 - Summer House

Hannah completed the 3rd and final house in the Lego 8591 house kit, this time it was the turn of the Summer House.  This was somewhat smaller than the previous two houses but was a little more challenging with the hinged roof feature that allows one to access the inside of the house.  The hinged arrangement was a little weak until the final roof bricks were in place and this caused a little bit of frustration to Hannah.

Inside, the house sports a little fireplace and open hearth, which is a fine little detail.  Outside, the garden contains a sun-bed a small drinks table and an outside heater for those Autumn nights.  Here are some photos of the assembled house:

Well, that's all three houses now assembled. My hope is that Hannah will get creating and make some new houses using her own designs.

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