Lego 4204 Mining Set

My son received a Lego 4204 Mining Set for Christmas - the set is simply packed full of features that can keep kids amused for hours.  A mining machine with a spinning drill can be driven into the cave to extract rock and nuggets of gold.  A small gauge railway carries ore from deep within the cave to the surface and the ore can be picked up from the truck and dumped onto a hand powered conveyor belt using a crane.  The crane has a sprung loaded rock grabber and can swing on a sliding base to give it all the mobility required to move ore around the mining site.   The conveyor belt moves rock into the large tipper lorry so that it can be transported off site.

The set comes with four mining mini figures to help keep the mine busy.  Any gold that is found is placed in a secure safe room to be safe from criminals.  Also included in the set was a wheel barrow, some sticks of dynamite, a sign, some suitable mining tools and some large rocks that can be opened up and filled with small rock and gold elements.

The set was easy to assemble and came with some large rock elements to enable the cave and mine to be quickly built.   Combined with the Lego 4201 tipper and loader set my son now has a fun active mine with plenty of play potential.

Mining machine spinning up for action
Tipper lorry taking away some rock debris..
..and tipping out the rocks at the destination.
The completed mining set.
Drilling into the rock face with the mining machine.
A busy day at the mine.
Train bringing some rock to the surface.


  1. Fascinating Lego set--a good advert for Lego's permutations