Lego 7696 Commuter Jet

This year I was on a long haul flight with British Airways and my entertainment system failed to work so I put in a formal complaint and was given some gift vouchers at the BA shop. I had just enough to purchase the Lego 7696 Commuter Jet which is a rare promotional kit that sell for around £30 on Ebay.

Here are some photos:

Passenger Businessman


Lego Mindstorm NXT kits + ARM Smartphone = Fast Rubik's Cube Solver

Mike Dobson and David Gilday have worked hard to create an improved Rubik's Cube solving machine. The Lego CubeStormer II is capable of solving the cube faster than any human being and is made from 4 Lego Mindstorm NXT kits as well as an ARM powered Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. Watch and be amazed!

Lego Advent Calendar 7553

Well, Christmas is approaching, so Lego has produced this seasonally themed Lego Advent Calendar.   A little more pricey than the normal card versions we get for the kids, but perhaps a lot more fun. Who knows...

Anyhow, it looks like a lot of fun, but it is too late to try this kit for this year...

Red Cargo Train 3677

Well Christmas is approaching fast and I was able to get hold of the Lego Red Cargo Train Set 3677 for my son for a joint birthday and Christmas present.  Looking at the comprehensive instruction manuals I believe this set should keep him busy, it contains a locomotive, 3 freight trucks (tipping, hazardous waste and flatbed), a railway repair van and 40 pieces of track.  Rocks can be loaded into the tipping truck with a conveyor belt and to add to the action the locomotive has remote control power functions.

To complement this set there are also 4 railway mini-figures.  At over 830 pieces this kit looks like it is a Lego model railway winner.