Lego 7498 Police Station

My 8 year old son recently acquired a Lego 7498 Police Station and he really enjoyed constructing this kit.  The kit comes in two stages which allowed us to take a break while assembling.

The Police Station comes with lots of large panels and windows, so construction fairly rapid, and there are enough small pieces to create quite a detailed model.

The kit comes with 2 splendid police vehicles, a police bicycle and a police dog  and 5 mini figures.   The two criminal mini figures can be locked up in their own cells after the police have apprehended them.   But the police need to be on their guard since the criminals have a secret escape route!

The police station is packed with details such as computer desk, photo-fit desk and there is even a coffee making machine and water dispenser!

For construction fun and value for money, I'd rate this 9 out of 10. It's certainly ideal for my son - non-stop "Cops and Robbers" with this toy!

The Police Station is rather large. Fitting it into a photo was tricky.

The police dog scares the criminals!

The jail-house comes with sliding jail doors.

Back of the Police Station. Easy access to office and cells.

The police vehicles have garages with sliding roof doors.

A police office can do their rounds on a bicycle.

Police van and car for speedy response action!

In the lock-up.  The cells come with a bed and a toilet.

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