Lego 10193 Medieval Market Village

Lego 10193 Medieval Market Village is an incredibly detailed model.  It has over 1600 brick elements and kept my 10 year old daughter busy over 4 days to construct.   It sports two houses and 8 mini figures: a blacksmith, two soldiers, two male peasants, two female peasants and a boy mini figure.

The first house comes with a blacksmith's workshop with a water wheel powered anvil hammer. It also includes a stable for the horse.

The second combines a Village Inn  and brewery.  Sounds like the villagers will have some fun recreation time!

Houses can be opened out to allow easy access to the rooms which contain a lot of fascinating detail.

The kit also comes with a very busy open market,  with a market stall and baskets of produce, a table full of food (chicken, cheese and tomatoes) and daggers from the blacksmith's forge.   Also walking by are two soldiers carrying a treasure box containing coins and gems.   A horse and cart, chickens and two cows compliment the market scene.

The construction was relatively straight forward, if not time consuming.  The roof was a little tricky to assemble and the only downside is that the tree is rather fragile and keeps on losing it's foliage.  Apart from that, this is a great kit and almost gets 10 out of 10.   A quality kit!  Well done Lego!

The house opens up to allow access to the rooms.

The completed village scene. Very busy!