Lego 7938 Passenger Train

Last year I blogged about the fact I could not get hold of the Lego 7898 Cargo Train for my kids, only to find it had gone out of production. However, we managed to acquire a Lego 7939 Cargo Train in June which in fact was just as good.

For my son's Birthday and Christmas present this year I've acquire the Lego 7938 Passenger Train so that he can have even more Lego train fun. He can't wait, just a couple more weeks to go. Once he's built it I will upload some pictures in the blog.

All we need now is to get some more switches to join the two train track loops together.

Reminds me of when I had a Lego train set years ago when I was lad - one was able to get hold of a X intersection - wish they could make these for the new Lego tracks...

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